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New Year Resolutions Pack

Image of New Year Resolutions Pack

Includes: Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly planner - Resolutions planning - Fun areas to draw your #thegaminesquad - Color sections for stress relief - Tons of lists! - Motivations, in 4 languages because we are all in the same struggle!

Our “New Year Resolution Pack” comes in 3 versions:

▶ Essential _ Just what you need to start: the diary and your pen...

▶ The Pack _ We recently spent more time in Seoul and fell in love with the fashion style of the city. This year resolution pack came in a white linen pochette so you can easily carry it around and be super fashionable “a la Seoul” style

▶ Limited edition Pack _ In this version you’ll get the diary in a black linen pochette. Why? Because everyone knows black equals cool, right? This version has some furry pom pom we bought in Helsinki! Hurry up there are just very few of these .